The Op's Clue Naruto board game.
Image credit: The Op

BoardGameGeek entries can be the cause of many celebrations, and in this case, an early sneak peek of Clue: Naruto Shippuden is definitely a rewarding and satisfying achievement to write home about. While not much is available about this new game, other than that it follows the Clue Series by The Op, and is called “Naruto Shippuden,” much is left to the imagination.

Prevent a Shinobi War by Discovering the Culprit First 

What is known is that the game will play with 2-6 players, unfold over the course of 60 minutes and be suitable for players aged 8+. The plot is pretty straightforward with a Jonin from a neighboring village dying at the hands of an unknown villain. The villain has managed to cover his tracks, blaming the resident ninjas of Hidden Leaf Village as the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

Now, Naruto and his friends will have to figure out who killed the innocent man lest the conflict breaks into a Shinobi war. But Naruto knows that the perpetrator is one of the Akatsuki. The question is who they are, what weapons they used, and not least – where are they hiding so they can be brought to justice?

Players will be able to choose from six heroes, including HinataKakashiSaiTsunadeSakura, and naturally, Naruto himself. There are also cool weapons to pick from, such as Chakra Blades, Paper Bombs, Kunai, Nunchaku, Shuriken, and a Sword. You will travel across familiar sites from the anime and franchise, including the Ichiraku Ramen Shop, Great Stone Faces, the Ninja Academy, and others.

The game has not stirred much discussion yet, but it seems like a fun title to try if you are a fan of the Naruto franchise and want to bring it to the tabletop hobby. The Op has published hundreds of games set in popular culture themes for the most part

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