Tabletopia's five most played games in 2022.
Image credit: Tabletopia

The year 2022 may be well behind us, but some interesting titbits of information about the board games industry during the year are still surfacing. One such golden trove of information came from Tabletopia, which listed the five most-played games on its digital platform last year.

The games featured some interesting and definitely well-deserving choices. First place went to Cartographers, a game by designer Jordy Adan published by Thunderworks Games. The game focuses on the exploration of different land pieces at the behest of your kingdom’s queen. Draw a map of specific lands and earn winning points by carrying out your queen’s edicts.

The second most played game on the list was Guards of Atlantis II, a card-driven team versus team battle arena inspired by MOBA video games. Published by Wolff Designa and designed by Artyom Nichipurov this is a gripping highly-detailed remake of the original 2017 title. The game is fit for 4-10 players aged 14+ and plays over 90-120 minutes.

Cascadia by Flatout Games was naturally third. One of the best two-player board games based on own our list, Cascadia is a game of great theme, underlying gameplay, and overall execution. You compete to create the most harmonious ecosystem and the game plays in 30-45 minutes with 1-4 players.

Surviving the Stone Age and Homeopathy

Paleo by Z-Man Games was the fourth most-played game on the list.  The game zaps you back to the time of the Stone Age when tribes had to work together to survive, eat, and advance their primitive but promising civilization. Fit for 1-4 players and playing in 45-60 minutes for players aged 10+, Paleo by Peter Rustemeyer is definitely a great game to try as attested by Tabletopia users.  

Last but not least, Tabletopia, the platform listed Quacks of Quedlinburg by NorthStar Game Studio as the fifth most played title of 2022. The game is fit for 2-4 players, plays in 45 minutes and is designed by Wolfgang Warsch. In the game, you take the role of charlatan doctors who are tinkering with potions and old recipes in the hopes of concocting new powerful elixirs that have… no specific qualities at all. It’s a fun game and a great example of what medicine should not be about.

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