Stronghold Games's Ares Expedition - Discovery
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Stronghold Games is continuing to deploy new expansions for Terraforming Mars, the 2016 hit by designer Jacob Fryxelius which has become one of the most played games ever. In fact, there must be more than 1.5 million copies of the game sold only a few years after it was released. The current sale numbers are not immediately clear, but Fryxelius is putting out more great work out there, nevertheless.

Ares Expedition Discovery Adds Sixth Player and More

The newest expansion, Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition – Discovery will be hitting retail on April 5, 2023. Discovery will allow for more players, upping the player count to 6 people, and playing in 60 minutes by players 14+.

In the expansion, players will once again compete as corporations, just like in the core gameplay of the Ares Expedition expansion itself. Only this time, corporations will have to bandy together and work as a team to make sure that Mars is habitable in the wake of a natural disaster which threatens a planetary crisis that would set back colonists and possibly undo all efforts made to colonize Mars.

Fryxelius is joined for the expansion by Sydney Engelstein and Nick Little who have helped introduce four new mechanics to Ares Expedition. They include awards, upgraded phase cards, wild tags, and milestones. Discovery also comes with the extra player board and other gaming paraphernalia to set up and enjoy the game.

Terraforming Labs has been an absolute hit. The game has spawned a seemingly endless variety of additions to the core gameplay, with Stronghold Games recently revealing Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition – Crisis, another installment which has already hit retail. For those amongst you who are true Terraforming Mars buffs, the latest addition may prove just what you have been after.

The retail price of Discovery is set for $24.99, and you will be able to scoop it up in a few weeks’ time.

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