Splendor Duel's official featured art.
Image Source: Asmodee

Splendor: The Board Game” by Marc André released in 2014, it became an instant hit. For many players, this was the first gateway title to the hobby’s more refined ends. Now, Asmodee has confirmed that the latest game in the franchise, “Splendor Duel,” is up for preorder.

Challenge Your Friends to Splendor Duel

Once again, merchants will compete to please the nobility by amassing precious stones, gems and property. This version co-developed by André and fellow designer Bruno Cathala will focus on head-to-head battles instead and once again publish under Space Cowboys.

New details have also surfaced about the game with Asmodee confirming that “Splendor Duel” is on track to hit retail shelves in November 2022. While borrowing from the original theme, the gameplay has been changed to accommodate the new dynamic.

The new version comes with three unique win conditions along with a new resource, the pearl. The game is also experimenting with engine-building as some of the new cards will trigger some special effects, such as additional rounds. “Splendor Duel” also features Royal Favor cards and Privilege figurines among various new components.

Most of the action centers on a new central board piece and players can expect to wrap up a game of Splendor Duel in under 30 minutes. Splendor has been a favorite with the game getting 69,000 reviews on Board Game Geek, and averaging a decent 7.4 out of 10.0 score. The sheer number of reviews testifies to its accessibility as a board game.

Meanwhile, criticism has surfaced about the new game. Some players argued that the game plays best at two-player, and it would not need any expansions or new standalone versions. However, others objected that even though it was possible to play “7 Wonders” in a head-to-head setting, “7 Wonders Duel” made this dynamic far more streamlined and worthwhile.

Optimism for the New Iteration of Splendor

Splendor has also run other expansions over the past couple of years. “Cities of Splendor” came out in 2017 and was similarly well-received. Splendor also featured a “Marvel” version which was less rated in terms of overall player reviews, but it achieved higher rating, testifying to the Marvel Universe’s pull with its fans.

Overall, the new version can also find itself a place in the pantheon of Splendor titles. Some fans are even encouraged by the return of a beloved game that’s perhaps too new to be called “a classic,” but which nevertheless resonates with the wider board gaming community. Preorders for the game are already being accepted by retail shops around the world.

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