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The nominations for the upcoming Spiel des Jahres Awards, one of the biggest distinctions a board game can win in the industry, will be announced during a live stream on May 22 at 4:00 pm local time, the organization’s social media account shared on Twitter.

Nominees for Spiel Des Jahres 2023 Revealed Soon

The stream will be available at spiel-des-jahres.de, the official website of the awards ceremony, and reveal the nominees, which are some of the most distinguished and deserving games of the year. 

Spiel des Jahres has often been a weathervane in the industry, allowing fans to discover the latest and most exciting games of the year, and also explore new opportunities to expand their collections. The event is split into several awards, intended to recognize accomplishments on several industry levels.

Kinderspiel des Jahres is one of the three awards, which goes to the best board game for children. Kennerspeil des Jahres is intended to distinguish games that are specifically designed for more hardcore gamers. The Spiel des Jahres award itself is allocated to the arguably best overall game. 

Spiel des Jahres is a German event, and deservingly so. Germany is one of the beating hearts of the industry and the event has been fitting running in the country since 1978. The event has been an important milestone in the industry, offering fans and businesses incredible value.

many Excellent Games to Vie for a Spot  

The upcoming nominees are still kept under wraps, but there are many great games that may actually end up winning here. Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory by Hegemonic Project Games is definitely one of the possible picks, although we may be misplacing its eligibility. Heat: Pedal to the Metal and Earth are two other worthwhile possibilities we could see winning. 

Last year’s awards saw many favorites of ours leave the awards with a nomination and silverware as well. Cascadia by Flatout Games won the distinction. The panel of judges is represented by German speakers. The winners’ names will be revealed on July 16. 

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