Flashback Zombie Kidz' new game cover art and components.
Image Source: Le Scorpion Masqué

Flashback: Zombie Kidz,” the newest installment in the “Zombie Kidz” franchise, is going to involve a lot of detective work – there will be investigations, case-solving, and hunting for clues.

The first game of the series – 2013’s “Zombie Kidz”, saw players take on the role of children working together to fight off the undead horde and save their neighborhood by killing zombies, and locking doors, keeping the horde contained in the cemetery. The follow-up game, “Zombie Kidz Evolution”, put players in the roles of students. They had to make their way through their zombie-infested school, barricade their classroom doors and kill zombies to stop them from breaking in and devouring them.

New Gameplay Mechanics – Jump Between Memories and Use Gadgets to Win

In “Flashback: Zombie Kidz” players must move through a variety of scenes and memories, each one bursting with rich images. The game’s objective is to recall past events in order to solve the case! To do this, players will have to switch between the point-of-views of different characters, look closely at seemingly tiny, insignificant details on cards, gather any clues they might find there, then locate and use the appropriate gadgets in order to finally solve puzzles that will be revealed throughout the story’s progression.

The game is extremely intuitive and easy to play, making it ideal for families with small children. Together, they will explore three memories from the colorful world of “Flashback: Zombie Kidz” through the eyes of zombies, animals, security cameras, and even the Kidz themselves. The game is extremely replayable, as there are tons of gadgets in the game, and each one brings a whole new way to play. To summarize, players need to gather clues from the past to solve the mysteries of the present and save the future from a zombie apocalypse.

Those who wish to have a feel of the game will be happy to learn that there is a free online prequel introductory case for “Flashback: Zombie Kidz” available online. Do note, however, that it’s currently available only in French. There is currently no information as to when the prequel introductory case will be available in English, which is a shame, as an English version will undoubtedly be more appealing to the wider world of English speakers (no offense, to our French friends!). We will wing it and play it in French ourselves.

“Flashback: Zombie Kidz” is being developed by the Quebec-based publisher Scorpion Masqué, responsible for popular game titles “Zombie Kidz Evolution”, “Zombie Teenz Evolution”, “Decrypto”, “Turing Machine” and others.

The brains behind the zombie-themed investigation game are the Franco-Quebecois duo of Baptiste Derrez and Marc-Antoine Doyon, both of which are debuting game designers but are avid youtube content creators and lovers of investigation games.

“Flashback: Zombie Kidz” is suitable for 1-4 players, ages 7 and up, and has an average playtime of 30 minutes – perfect for a family game night! The game box will include 80 Story cards, 30 Special cards, 2 envelopes, a surprise box, and a rulebook, with a retail price of $30. “Flashback: Zombie Kidz” is set for launch this November.

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