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Stone Blade Entertainment has confirmed that “SolForge: Fusion,” a “hybrid deck-building” title by designing legends Richard Garfield and Justin Gary, will be arriving in retail and hobby stores on September 22.

Forge Your Own TGC Deck

“SolForge: Fusion” is a successor to “SolForge,” a free-to-play-card-game developed by the designers back in 2016. Now, Garfield (who created “Magic the Gathering”) and Gary, who is the designer of “Ascension: Deckbuilding Game” will have another go at a potentially genre-defining game.

The pair is confident that the new game will lead to some unique deck-building with “no two decks ending up the same.” To ensure that this is indeed the case, the designers will use a specific algorithmic card-printing process so that players always benefit.

In commenting on the upcoming game, Gary explained that “SolForge: Fusion” had been in the works for more than a decade and from the start, the pair had set out to create a game “unlike any other.” The unique deck-building experience is what he believes is the game’s unique selling point:

Players can customize truly one-of-a-kind decks to create a unique and compelling experience every time they play, whether in person or online.

Designer Justin Gary

Even half-decks can be put together, Gary assures, making for a simplified deck-building process that will help players onboard quickly and efficiently. There is the possibility for more than 15,000 cards in the first set alone, the designer assures.

The game will offer players the opportunity to customize their decks quickly and efficiently without putting pressure on new players to get to grasp with the game quickly or face obliteration at the hands of more skilled players.

SolForge Will Invite Competition Aplenty

With Garfield designing the game, though, a clear competitive element is to be expected from “Fusion.” The game is unlikely to make strong forays with the traditional board gaming community, but it may definitely make a dent in “Magic the Gathering’s” fan base. There are at least 35 million players who play and enjoy and play “Magic” worldwide.

The original crowdfunding campaign for “SolForge” was completed in 2021, attracting $250,000 from 1,990 backers. SolForge is going to be a true trading card game that will require a substantial investment to reap its benefits. The game can be played in a contained environment as well, but with thousands of available cards and more coming most TCG fans will find themselves battling an urge to purchase the next booster before long.

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