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You may know Skybound Games as the publisher of excellent games such as Wonderland’s War and Tidal Blades, The Grimm Masquerade and, frankly, hundreds of others. This summer, the company is coming back with a trifecta of party games to add to its long, long list of boardgame products to try out.

The publisher is bringing No Context, Whine Night, and Boo-ty Call for players to have a go at in 2023. The company already has these games in the works, and all planned out for the year, with publishing dates fixed. Plus, Skybound has confirmed that it is going to publish the Trial by Trolley Vacation Expansion for Travel by Trolley, another successful title in the party genre.

A Summer of Party Games with Skybound

The first title, Whine Night, is going to arrive on March 22 and is intended for players aged 14 and older. The game is designed by Jennifer Everett and comes with 300 prompt cards where you will have to, well, complain about various stuff. The cards will quickly give you an idea about the topics to do so.

Some of the questions on the cards will include prompts such as “what is the worst gift you have ever received” or “what is something you hate to ask for.” Once you are done complaining, your fellow players, anything from two to eight total participants, will rate your tirades.

Then, there is Boo-ty Call which, as its name suggests, will be intended at an older audience and participants aged 17 and older. It’s a game of social deduction and seduction where players will try to tell which “host ghost” is looking for a significant other. The game was part of the Extra Fabulous Kickstarter campaign which raised $471,229 from 5,658 and ended on January 6 this year.

For those who didn’t get the game from the Kickstarter campaign, there is nothing to worry about. The game will be releasing in retail on April 19. Last but not least, you have No Context, aimed at players aged 13 and older. The game is about creating links between random pictures that are put on 110 cards.

Players will try to offer clues to other players about what their cards may be and at the same time try to figure out which of the cards they see are their opponents’. There is more in the box, including 42 betting cards, 7 target cards, and a dedicated game board. No Context will come out on May 31 and be fit for 2 to 6 players.

Skybound Dropping a Trial by Trolley Expansion

Not least, Skybound will also expand on previously successful popular games with the company featuring 200 new tracks and modifiers for the base game, adding to the fun. There will be new parts from all over the world, along with obstacles of all sorts.

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