Shadows and Brimstone's new game, Gates of Valhalla
Image credit: Flying Frog Productions

Prepare yourselves for the time of waiting is almost over. Shadows of Brimstone: Gates of Valhalla, the cooperative 1-4 player game by Flying Frog Productions and designer Jason C. Hill, is coming to retail on July 20.

New Chapter of Shadows of Brimstone Sends You into the Frigid North

This will be the latest chapter in the well-established franchise and game system by the same author who created blockbuster games such as Last Night on Earth and Fortune and Glory. Players will take part in the expedition of Norse Vikings who are heading further into the North to brave the Dark Stone and its master.

As they plow through the snow, the Vikings will face various foes and monsters thrown their way. Make no mistake, for your own characters are just as fearsome and bloodthirsty as are the beasts of the frigid desert. Players will get to choose from Jarl Chieftain, a classic Raider personage, the frenzied Berserker, or the Huscarl honor guard whose Viking Bow will slay anything that draws breath.

Players will have to fight against trolls, hordes of goblins, and Centurions, a strange race of robotic soldiers armed with swords and shields. There is also the Frost Giant, a towering foe that is closer to a mountain than it is to a realistic target to slay – and yet you must. The players will return to the familiar city of Targa, but venture into previously unknown and unexplored corners thereof.

More Parts of Targa to Explore on Your New Quest

The new game comes with 4 Viking Heroes, 12 Gremian miniatures, 6 Centurian miniatures, 3 large Troll miniatures, one Frost Giant, 3 Viking Warrior Ally miniatures, and more. Heroes will try to explore and open the ancient alien Library, or venture further in the Norse Lands on Earth.

This is only the latest in a series of games that has been around for almost a decade. The first Shadows of Brimstone game, City of the Ancients, was released in 2014 and it was an immediate success. The new game has no official playtime or age, but it’s most likely going to be aligned with the rest of the games in the series, that is 120 minutes of playtime and fit for ages 12+.

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