Scorpion Masque's latest logic game Turing Machine.
Image Source: Scorpion Masque

Scorpion Masque has revealed its latest deduction board game which will introduce you to a world inspired by the work of Alex Turing, a famed British mathematician.

The studio’s new logic game is aptly called “Turing Machine” and it’s about trying your best to crack a computer code that is hidden in plain sight. Yet only sound reasoning and deduction will lead you to the right answers. Described as a real “brain burner,” this game may set the scene for logic board games in the years to follow.

A Party Game That Will Rattle Your Brain

The publisher has extensive experience with launching similar games with “Decrypto” proving one of the most captivating logic-driven board games in all of its permutations. “Decrypto” alone has sold more than 300,000 copies globally. But instead of discovering monsters, you will take a crack at the secret code which you will never figure out if you rely on blind luck alone.

The novelty in this game does not come just from the setting. It’s the components you need to keep an eye out for. They include perforated cards and a “protocomputer.” The “protocomputer” functions without electricity or technology and it’s a complete game-changer here. Scorpion Masque hopes that this novelty mechanic can inspire other studios to develop their own unique interpretations of it for future deduction games.

To give you an idea of how deep the game goes, game designers Yoan Levet and Fabien Gridel caution that there are more than seven million possible combinations. At first glance, “Turing Machine” is beautifully designed with good quality components. This translates into a pleasant gameplay, but caveat emptor for it will take some figuring out.

Understanding the game will be a reward in itself, the studio cautions optimistically. While the box promises 20-minute games, there will be a steeper-than-usual learning curve, Scorpion Masque founder Christian Lemay says. There will both challenge and fun to be found by all lovers of deduction games out there.

“Rarely does a game require us to work so hard to make it accessible, but I couldn’t be prouder of the final product,” Lemay adds.

About Turing, But Not a “Turing Machine”

With the name of the game being “Turing Machine” you may think that you are dealing with the real thing, but Scorpion Masque has picked the title as a homage to the man himself. The game draws on his work and contributions to computer science, but it’s not about it per se. “Turing Machine” is inspired by cracking codes and instead of replicating something, it creates a world of its own, which is always better.

If the gameplay is as promising as Lemay and the designer teams tells us, we are looking at a board game of inexhaustible debt, replayability and great player satisfaction. The publisher also hopes that the choice of name will pique players’ interest sending them to look into the man whose name inspired the studio and the game.

“Turing Machine” is now coming to your retailers in Q4 2022 and will fetch a price tag of $39.99.

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