Robo Rally's board game cover and art.
Image credit: Renegade Game Studios

This is not a robot uprising. We repeat this is not a robot uprising. It’s the second-best thing – in a sense. Meet Robo Rally, a classic racing board game which has been revamped and is coming back to retail in August 2023. The classic experience focuses on a robotic race where the main participants are well – a little less flesh and bone and a little more cogwheel and oil. 

Robo Rally Is Coming in a New, Crispier Form 

The game is remarkable for another reason as well, as it will be bringing together Wizards of the Coast CEO Peter Adkison and Magic: The Gathering’s creator, Richard Garfield work together again, and fans are understandably stoked. 

Robo Rally’s reincarnation has been designed to still draw heavily on the original and feature competitive gameplay. Yet, there will be lots of new stuff to discover, polished core components, and new race courses to take part in. There are more than 80 different race courses featured in the upcoming box. 

The new game focuses on giving players more variability by constructing race courses. You may choose long or short races and introduce difficulty levels for that extra oomph you may want your game to have. Renegade Game Studios will not let you do all the heavy lifting yourself either, as you will have 6 pre-painted robot figures and 6 robot player mats to choose from.

There are also 4 double-sided Factory game boards and a double-sided Docking Bay game board. The rest of the components are pretty much what you need to get the game underway. 

Great Components, Variety, and Challenge in Every Game

There are 120 programming cards separated into 6 decks of 20, 40 damage cards, 60 upgrade cards, 18 tokens, 8 energy tracking cubes, a player aid card, a sticker sheet, a rulebook, and 6 plastic checkpoint markers – for what is a good race without keeping scores, right?

Renegade has listed the game as fit for 2-6 players aged 12+. The playtime is 45-90 minutes and a copy in retail is expected to cost $50. Not bad for one of the best racing games out there. Not least, the artwork will be done by Conçalo Lopes who seems to be new to board game illustrations but whose killer game art for the box cover is promising to do the original game justice. 

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