Legends of the Five Rings cover.
Image credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Office Dog is going to publish a new game set in the Legend of the Five Rings universe. The original game, released in 2017 and designed by Brad Andres, Erik Dahlman, Nate French, and Tyler Parrott, is a two-player living card game set in the world of Rokugan. The uniqueness of the original is now going to be unfolded once again in the franchise’s latest instalment, River of Gold.

Brace Yourself for New Challenges in Rokugan

The new game, though, will be less about head-to-head card fights and more about resource management and strategy. Players will flock to the river and explore trading opportunities up and down the gameboard, delivering goods to customers and winning favor with prominent people in the community.

The goal is to create the most profitable business and expand your clout, so you are pronounced a winner. The new game will be designed by Keith Piggott who has worked on successful projects, such as Drawn to Adventure, a roll-and-write board game for children, and The Great Barrier Reef Card Game.

Office Dog is a new studio under the Asmodee umbrella, which also owns Fantasy Flight Games – the owners of Legend of the Five Rings. The new studio has already been scouting for fresh talent and concepts, with the company announcing that it would be happy to discuss board game ideas by various designers and work with them to bring their pitch around. 

Office Dog Needs Your Input to Make Great Games 

Office Dog is also looking to release a number of other games on top of River of Gold, with Crafting the Cosmos, a game that will focus on a unique world-building which will see you create the universe itself, tinkering with physical forces. Legend of the Five Rings is a game that originates in a rich franchise.

The living card game has been inspired by various Japanese myths and legends, and Rokugan itself has already served as the setting of roleplaying games. Rivers of Gold will be the latest addition to this rich and impressive world, with the game expected to arrive at some point in 2024. No further details are available at this point. 

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