FUSE Countdown's official box and cover art.
Image Source: Renegade Game Studios

Renegade Game Studios brings you “FUSE Countdown” – the newest entry in their popular “FUSE” co-op board game. The new game will introduce fresh and exciting game mechanics and player roles.

Much like in the original “FUSE”, players in “FUSE Countdown” will become members of an elite Bomb Defusal Team (BDT). They will have to work together to safely defuse and dispose of various bombs and explosive devices by fulfilling special requirements, all within ten minutes.

All in all, the task seems simple enough: diffuse all the bombs and win the game. The problem is that players have only ten minutes at their disposal. They need to maximize the potential of their dice rolls, help each other out and be fast about it. It takes a lot of coordination and teamwork. Players won’t have the luxury of time to think through every option.

“FUSE Countdown” will play similarly to the original “FUSE” – players will be getting a series of cards, which will represent the combination of the bomb they’re trying to defuse. In order to do that, players will need to roll dice and place the correct results on the cards before the time runs out.

New Gameplay Mechanics Will Bring a New Spark to the Game

This is where the similarities end, however. “FUSE Countdown” will have extra challenges in the form of a whole new game mechanic – the Spark cards. In the original “FUSE”, players who are unable to use the dice they rolled on any bomb cards on the field would have to reroll them and remove a die from their cards. Should such a situation occur in “FUSE Countdown”, however, they will have to draw a Spark card instead.

They act like bomb cards in the sense that the players need to use dice to defuse them. Furthermore, the game cannot be won if any active Spark cards are in play. This gives a whole new level of challenge for players to handle, making the game even more intense.

In addition to the Spark cards, “FUSE Countdown” will also add new roles for players, each having a unique power that can be used to help in the diffusing of bomb and Spark cards. Players can also take advantage of the inclusion of multi-colored dice, which can fulfill multiple card colors. There will also be new bomb and fuse cards, which will have new gameplay mechanics. All of those new additions are sure to spice things up.

“FUSE Countdown” is being developed by Kane Klenko, the creator of the original “FUSE”. The publishing of the new installment in the franchise will be handled by the same studio that released the original game – Renegade Game Studios.

“FUSE Countdown” can be played as a standalone game, or as an expansion with another mainline “FUSE” entry. It is set to be released in Q4, with a retail price of $35.

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