Renegade Game Studios' Diplomacy game.
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Post-Victorian Europe is thrown into chaos as continental powers seek to establish their omnipotence on the Old World and secure lands beyond. The 1959 classic “Diplomacy” will be returning under the Renegade Game Studios domain in August 2023 for a revamped edition of the original, which brings tons of action back to the table.

Diplomacy Returns Under the Renegade Game Studios Banner 

Rereleased by Avalon Hill in 2008 on the game’s 50th anniversary, Renegade Game Studios will now be the one picking up the baton once again, as part of the expansion of licensing with Hasbro. The classic game will see 2-7 players vie for superiority in Europe over the course of 360 minutes in this heavy strategic game that will require players to be patient and draft their stratagems carefully and with foresight.

The new version brings 140 updated wooden meeples that represent the armies and will considerably improve the onboarding time as the new bo features Quick Start rules. There is a massive game board along with 147 double-sided country tokens, 70 wooden army tokens, another 70 fleet tokens, and a handful of other goodies. The game is suitable for players aged 12 and older and it will go into retail for $45 which is pretty decent for the massive value you get back.

In the game, you will play one of the seven great powers of Europe at the epoch, including Russia, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy, France or Great Britain and deploy your infantry and fleet to assert dominance. The conflicts that will fester in the era will inevitably lead to one of the biggest confrontations the world has known – World War I. Players will move their military units to adjoining territories to support allied units or advance against an opponent. 

The game is very cut-and-dry in terms of how you win battles with little luck factor involved – if any at all, and a simplistic movement mechanic to allow players to plan smartly ahead and put their efforts where they think would have the best chances of success. In Diplomacy, players will get to forge military pacts and betray allies, as is the custom of war and national strife. This is your chance to shape the future of the continient!

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