Ravensburger and Disney Aroudn the World
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Popular publisher of board games Ravensburger has announced two more Disney-themed games for 2023. The company confirmed that the upcoming Disney Around the World and Disney Villains: The Card Game will both be hitting retail shelves later this year.

Popular Disney Characters and Tabletop Experience for the Whole Family

The company is still to reveal all the details about the upcoming releases, but the official statement has already confirmed that Disney Villains: The Card Game will only be distributed through Barnes & Noble, at least for the initial launch stages.

More retail partnerships may be signed and announced at a later point, although the company has offered no additional information. Disney Around the World is a lightweight family-friendly game driven by dice, and leaning on the company’s brand, with characters from both Disney and Pixar present all over.

Deemed fit for ages 4+ and due in August this year at an average retail cost of $19.99, the game is based on dice rolling and exploration of different worlds set in the Disney universe. Players collect stamps for their passports and continue to advance through different lands.

In Disney Villains: The Card Game, you will be competing against your opponents in a more strategic, luck-of-the-draw type of game where you try to upset your opponent’s plans, cast the occasional curses, and advance your own sinister agenda.

You will be playing from the point of view of the villains, with heroes piling on to defeat you. The game will be suitable for ages 8+ and offered at a retail price of $10.99 as per initial estimates. Disney Villains is developed by Leo Colovini who is the game designer of many 2000s games, including Clans and Cartagena.

Bringing Board Games to the Widest Audience Possible

Commenting on the upcoming opportunity, Ravensburger CEO of North America, Stephane Madi, said that Ravensburger has been delivering on board gaming experiences for customers of all ages, which is precisely what the new team-up with Disney is intended to do.

“We are thrilled to share with you a 2023 lineup that re-envisions some of the world’s most treasured classics and beloved IPs, while also stepping into new spaces of play,” Madi assured. Disney has more games in the works with Ravensburger, as the two companies are working on Disney Lorcana, a light-themed game that is ambitiously going to try and take on Magic: The Gathering, one of the best trading card games ever created.

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