Twins, a board game for kids by Ravensburger.
Image credit: Ravensburger

Ravensburger has announced the arrival of a new game for children aged 6 or older. Twins will make for a perfect choice for pet owners. The game’s gameplay is based on revealing a bunch of cards and letting players determine which one matches the animals in their home best, taking a keen eye and dexterity to get the answer right. 

Spot The Twin Animal of Your Own Pet! 

Designed by Rosie Roberson, Twins is a game of dexterity, not unlike the Cranium series where you have to spot the right image in a bunch of others while factoring in that the other players are also doing their best to beat you to it. The game is a pocket-sized delight that you can take anywhere with you and introduce to children and grown-ups, making for a perfect gateway title into the hobby for parents.

If you love animals but don’t own any – don’t worry. The “home” is a game concept, and you will simply have to match your own animal – from a set of cards – with the one that is in the shared deck. The box itself comes with 50 animal cards, 25 player cards, and one manual. There is no fixed time for the game, as it will all depend on how fast people can discover the matching animals. The title plays for 2-5 people and has endless replayability!

Meanwhile, Roberson, the author of the game, has been big on games that are mostly focused on children and their parents. The designer has come up with titles such as Cha-Cha Chihuahua: The Game of Dancing Doggies, Clothespins! Game, Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game, Say the Word, Stack-o-Saurus Card Game, This Big!, and not least What’s It? 

Twins is a fast-paced game that will prove an excellent gateway for the youngest into the hobby. Ravensburger has been publishing many great and accessible board games for children. 

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