Plan B Games' Century: Big Box
Image credit: Plan B Games

If you love your spices, then the Century: Big Box revealed by Plan B Games may be just right for you. The new box will contain all three original titles in the Century game series, including Spice Road, Eastern Wonders, and A New World, excluding some of the novelty versions that were inspired by different art.

More Spice Than Your Box Can Hold! 

The big box will also come with promo items for all of the games, along with a mini-expansion, Golden Deals. The games can be played independently or mixed together to extend the gameplay and introduce different experiences to the core game. Century: Spice Road, the original game in the series, was released in 2017 by Plan B Games and designed by Emerson Matsuuchi.

Matsuuchi is also the author of Foundations of Rome, a beautiful miniatures game dedicated to recreating the glory of Ancient Rome through architectural nous and prowess. Spice Road is the first instalment suitable for 2-5 players aged 8+. A game of Century: Spice Road plays in 30-45 minutes with the rules fairly easy to pick up by players and to follow through.

Players vie to establish a trade route, make a trade or harvest spices, fulfil a demand, or rest. The player who scores five victory point cards ends the game – if they have the most points, they will also end up winning. Eastern Wonders takes the action a little further out, with high-seas exploration featured in the game. 

Players will now seek to establish sea trade routes and ensure that they have access to even more exotic and valuable spices. As to New World, your spice trading expeditions have reached new shores and you now must settle down while also maintaining your influx of spice to trade, sell, and send back home. 

Overall, the Century series is a solid design and immaculate visual execution. The Big Box is a worthy addition to the franchise and will definitely be given a warm welcome by fans. 

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