Pencil First Games' Delicious
Image Source: Pencil First Games

Eating your greens has never been easier than it is with “Delicious,” a new board game by Pencil First Games that accommodates anything from one to 100 players. The game’s theme is inspired by gardening whereby you take control of your own garden and plant, grow, pair and pick your produce as the game carries on over 12 rounds.

Design the Best Garden with “Delicious”

“Delicious” is designed by Steve Finn and Eduardo Baraf with artwork provided by Clementine Campardou. As you may have guessed from the player count, the game is a flip-and-write experience where you try to jot down and draw various fruits and vegetables by copying them from cards and tokens.

You score points for achieving the best combinations of produce that will be put down on your player sheet. Players pick from a community area where cards are placed for players to choose from. When the community area cards are revealed, players race off to sketch them at the same time, picking whichever vegetable or fruit they want to plant in their garden.

These cards will be revealed at every turn with 2 vegetable cards and one fruit/tool token added to the table. Certain restrictions will apply as to what particular card or token you may use, as you try to navigate the vicissitudes of gardening (minus the dirt, of course).

While you will all share the same cards in the middle, how you order your private garden will be the difference between victory and defeat. Scrambling to sketch the next item down on your player sheet, you also must consider and think in perspective what you need to pull off a winning combination. And the best part? No two gardens will be alike!

Preorders Knocking on Your Door

Ties are also easily resolved by checking whose fruit planter is higher, for example, and a few other contingencies just for this occasion. A game of “Delicious” is wrapped up in 20-30 minutes and is suitable for players over the age of 14. Pencil First Games previously came up with other excellent, green-themed games, such as “Floriferous” and “Herbaceous.”

The game is both beautiful and very affordable with “Delicious” and its expansion costing only $27.99. Deliveries are expected to be realized in late August or early September.

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