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California-based Peachstate Hobby Distribution, a distributor of board games, sports cards, and toys, has bought out Bliss Distribution Limited, a counterpart based in the United Kingdom. This marks a significant expansion of PHD’s geographic footprint as the Blackburn-based company has operations globally, as well as in its home market in the UK and the European Union.

Peachstate Hobby Consolidates Global Footprint

PHD’s is also available in six locations across the United States, owns global locations for Coqui Hobby Distribution in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and runs PHD HK in Hong Kong. As a distributor of miniatures, board games, and other related hobby items, PHD has significantly improved its reach.

Managing Member Jim Grant welcomed the opportunity to add the new asset to the company’s portfolio, arguing that it would make for a perfect match between the two companies. The distributors will benefit from their slightly different geographical focus and ensure that they remain a competitive distributor of products in the space.

The partnership will enable both companies to chase similar growth plans. PHD Managing Member Sito Sanchez said that during the assessment stages of the acquisition, PHD found many identical priorities between the companies. PHD will insist on Bliss retaining its original identity to not undermine the company’s branding and visibility.

Powered by PHD and Taking Bliss Next-level

The only change here will be in the tagline added to the company, to wit “Powered by PHD.” Bliss Managing Director Cathryn Dunstan was equally pleased with the development and said that the company reputation today spoke for itself. She added that PHD was a perfect company that would help Bliss get to the next level in its development and strategic pursuit.

Dunstan remained confident that this partnership would enable the company to continue growing and deliver excellent service as part of the PHD family. Lastly, she thanked the team at Bliss who have worked hard, and customers who have put their trust in the brand to make this a reality.

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