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A new game by Lookout Games inspired by the abstract family game Patchwork will be released in US retail on FridayFebruary 24. The title, casually named Stack’n Stuff: A Patchwork Game, is a spinoff of the original and hopes to introduce more people to the captivating original which is one of the most sold and played games worldwide.

Time to Pack, Move and Earn the Most Money

Stack’n Stuff introduces players to the role of a mover who will have to figure out a way to load a truck and get on their way. Yet, there are many different aspects of the task at hand, as each of the two players will also have to figure out a cost-efficient way to do the task. Besides, they have to do so before the day is over.

Each player is asked to choose one of three furniture items to move each turn, and players have to pay the transportation costs and also spend time loading the truck. Each player is trying to pack their truck the best they can and earn the most money. As a way to balance the action, the player who is last on the time track will start by choosing the furniture first this round.

The two players will try to win the most money and earn the most points throughout the 30-minute game. Stack’n Stuff: A Patchwork Game will sell for $29.99 across the United States. It’s suitable for players aged 6 and up and it does the original title full credit through its clever mechanic.

Stack’n Stuff is generally touted as a more “streamlined version” of the original, but still – the game has to live up to the reputation of Patchwork which is one of the most compelling board gaming experiences for two, and is already an established fixture in board gaming circles.

If anything, though, bitter Patchwork loyalists should not worry too much about betraying the original as Stack’n Stuff is also designed by Uwe Rosenberg, the original’s author but of course – you already knew that.

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