Asmodee Digital's LinkedIn cover art.
Image Source: LinkedIn (Asmodee Digital)

Asmodee Digital has announced that it will take down “Pandemic” from the Nintendo eShop. The move comes also with a decision to suspend online multiplayer for the Switch version of “Catan.”

Both decisions are forced by specific circumstances the company explained in an update. “Pandemic” will go offline for new players on Sunday, July 31, and “Catan’s” multiplayer will be disabled on Thursday, August 4.  

Pandemic and Catan Almost Turn a Decade in Digital

Commenting on this decision on Twitter, Asmodee Digital explained that the game, referring to Pandemic, was released nine years ago, which made its current quality and reliability sub-par to what the title deserved.

The “Pandemic” games will be taken out from all digital stores, although current owners will not be impacted, the company assured in an update. Any player who has purchased the game will be able to download and play it.

The biggest disappointment is perhaps Asmodee Digital’s decision to rollback multiplayer support for “Catan.” However, it’s not entirely the company’s fault as the company relied on GameSparks,  a third-party, to keep multiplayer going. Unfortunately, the Amazon service is being discontinued, rendering multiplayer gameplay not possible.

To do right by customers, Asmodee Digital has confirmed that it would reduce the price of the game to $14.99. “Catan” is also available on Nintendo Switch and will remain so as a single player option only. Asmodee has been able to build a solid catalog of digital releases fully-inspired by their board gaming counterparts.

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