Imperium Horizons' new board game art.
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Imperium” by Osprey Games and designers Nigel Buckle and Dávid Turczi is getting yet another edition slated to arrive in 2023 with the “Imperium: Horizons” title now officially confirmed by the publisher. The card game in which you vie against your opponents to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known, players will go in head to head battles to try and secure their legacies.

“Horizons” Brings More Variety, Gameplay Innovation and Strategy

“Horizons” is illustrated by Mihajlo Dimitrievski and is a standalone version, played independently from the previous ones. The new game also comes with 14 playable civilizations making for a unique variety, and it also features a solo play, suited for 1-4 players and 40-160 minutes of play.

The game is suitable for ages 14+ and it will still be fully compatible with the previous iterations of the franchise, with both “Imperium: Classics” and “Imperium Legends” playable in this version as well.

Combining all expansions will create a wealth of opportunities insofar the choice of civilization is concerned with players free to choose any of the existing factions. “Horizons” adds a new trade module that will further deepen the feuds and intrigue between opposing factions, against a backdrop of thriving economy and dynamic politics.

The objective of the game is to conquer new lands and speed along cultural and scientific advances. “Horizons” and the broader “Imperium” franchise is one of the check and balances where aggression is rewarded only when it’s well-timed and executed with precision.

Belligerent civilizations are prone to falling early, but then again – building up too slowly also exposes players to being consigned as a footnote in history. All of the 14 civilizations found in the new game are asymmetric giving each a unique play style that can have its own unique ways to victory.

Fans Will Find the New Project Up to Scratch Designers Confirm

Buckle has already answered a few questions on the forums, urging players to remain confident in the development process the company has picked. “Just look how we mixed things up from “Imperium Classics” to “Imperium Legends,” we’ve carried this approach on to Horizons,” the designer told an excited fan in a forum post.

“Horizons” was developed following the success of the original two games with Buckle confirming in a separate post that Osprey Games had approached the designer duo and asked for more content.

Turczi answered in another topic to a board game fan who wanted to know if the rules have gone a much better review. The designer confirmed that the new edition of the rulebook should be clear enough. More information about Imperium: Horizons will be forthcoming.

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