OOMM Games' new games.
Image: OOMM Games

Successful board games company OOMM Games (short for Out Of My Mind Games) recently announced the launch of a big new project named Open Owl Studios – a new studio that will focus on developing large-scale world-building games, with a prime focus on the co-op experience and immersion. OOMM Games has also launched an official announcement trailer for the new studio that you can watch here:

Board game fans will undoubtedly know OOMM Games for their successful board game franchises No Escape and Stars of Akarios, among others. In a passionate announcement post by OOMM Games’ own Brendan McCaskell, who has taken the role of Head of Studios at Open Owl, has stated that the reason for Open Owl Studios’ creation is the need for a proper home for their cooperative board game titles, in order to give them the proper focus they deserve.

This announcement isn’t surprising, given the successful Kickstarter campaigns of Stars of Akarios, Mythwind, and Stonesaga. Board game fans will be quick to note those are all cooperative board games with rich stories and immersion, and despite their long development are proven success stories, raising millions of dollars in revenue. OOMM Games have definitely found a winning formula, and it’s only natural that they focus on developing what they’re good at, which appears to be highly immersive cooperative board games.

Diverse, Community-Driven and Laser-Focused

OOMM Games have shown to be nothing but diverse with their games encompassing many themes and genres – from the stone-age-style survival crafting style of Stonesaga to the space battles in Stars of Akarios. That same game development diversity is expected to find a new home and flourish in Open Owl Studios, and with the development team’s newly refined focus and direction – the sky’s the limit.

Brendan McCaskell has also stated that Open Owl Studios will put community feedback in high regard, promising the studio will take any suggestions and criticism to heart and with great consideration. McCaskell also reassured that the creation of the new studio and the refocus of OOMM will have no impact on current development or production timelines. It is to be expected that these recent changes will lead to improvements in both of those categories, as well as overall game quality.

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