The cover art for Nineveh Board Game by Nuts! Publishing.
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Nuts! Publishing, the publishers of a number of tactical and strategic tabletop games, including War of the Ring: Second Edition, Undaunted: Normandy, and more, have revealed the arrival of “We Are Coming, Nineveh!,” the company’s latest historic wargame. 

Liberating Mosul at a Great Human Cost 

The new release is a tactical/operational level game, and it focuses on the events that took place in the city of Mosul which was attacked by the forces of Daesh. Set in the historic February 19 and July 9, 2017, the game plays with 1-2 players and will see the competing factions attempt to either secure the western area of Mosul or consolidate their control over it while repelling opponents.

We Are Coming, Nineveh! is set to be a low-complexity wargame that seeks to introduce players to the experience of wargaming right from the start rather than lard unnecessary mechanics on top. This does not mean that the game isn’t deep or strategic, though, with players very much in control of making important decisions throughout. 

The game will focus on three measures which will determine whether an opponent has lost or won the game – this is a change from the traditional war gaming format, which usually only assesses one victory condition. Regardless, We Are Coming, Nineveh! will consider the speed of deployment and completion of the operation, the casualties suffered by the Iraqi government forces and the collateral damage done to Mosul itself. 

Players may choose to capture the city much quicker, for example, but this could come at a greater human toll. The decisions will ultimately rest with the players, who need to balance between military prowess and ethical decision that often hinder warfare when they should be guiding principles. 

Stoyan Todorov

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