The cover for American Mogul, a new board game by Mr B. Games.
Image Source: Mr B. Games

A Kickstarter campaign for “American Mogul,” the latest game by designer Bill Crenshaw who created “Global Mogul” and “Manifest Destiny,” now has an official page.

Become the Next American Mogul

The game published by Mr. B Games is slated to release in 2023 and is set in the industrial revolution in the United States when production went from hand-made items to large-scale factories, boosted by the capabilities of industrial machines.

This has turned a select cast of people into even better well-heeled members of society, allowing them to become the “American Mogul.” Now, you have a chance to get up on the greasy rungs of the social ladder yourself by becoming one of the industrialists who will shape the future.

“American Mogul” draws inspiration from Crenshaw’s previous game, “Global Mogul,” which is the basis on which the core systems in the latest releases are modeled after. Players will be each awarded a special captain card which will set the unique conditions that will advise their strategy and set the course for their future success or ruination.

The cards dictate special abilities that players can exploit to participate in the machine-driven metamorphosis of the nation. Event cards will play the game more unique and interesting and each player will also have a say in how these unfold through the gameplay as each player gets to pick one event during setup.

Players will also be able to set a scoring condition for each game, which will add further to the game’s variability. To help your ventures grow, players will be able to donate and lock money in various initiatives and hopefully see them grow.

A Robber Baron or Philanthropist

The public may also be your ally if you convince them that your cause is just and galvanize them into donating to your foundations as well. As your riches grow, you will be able to command your wealth any way you see fit, whether you choose to become a ruthless robber baron such as John D. Rockefeller or act as a philanthropist as Andrew Carnegie.

The choice is yours and whatever you choose, you will still be plotting the nation’s course as you seek to enrich yourself.

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