IV Games' Fractured Sky board game cover.
Image credit: IV Games

IV Games, the studio behind Moonrakers, a Kickstarter sensation and overnight success, has teased a new board game that is coming in 2023 by the company. Fractured Sky is a bluffing fantasy game with a fair bit of deduction. In it, 1-4 players will compete as they steer their kingdoms to recover shards of fallen stars and tap new powers.

Skies Are Falling as Kingdoms Rise

The game plays over 45-75 minutes and is suitable for players 14+. Fractured Sky is a game where sneaky strategy and clever resource management pay off, informs the publishers. Players will lead their kingdoms in a bid to retrieve the fallen star shards which are said to grant wishes to the people who find them and can amass enough of them.

The futuristic game will see kingdoms deploy their airships and send armies where star shards are said to have fallen. Yet, finding the shards would be a challenge in its own right as there are all sorts of people looking for them already.

Players will compete with each other as they try to procure the services of various seers and sorcerers who are able to assist players in their quest. Meanwhile, kingdoms will use any resources and shards they have retrieved to spread their rule by introducing new buildings that will power their kingdom and give them additional advantages, more military might, and economic prosperity.

The game end is triggered by the fall of a final star. Whoever has amassed the most shards by that time is pronounced the winner. As to the designers, you can expect Max Anderson, Zac Dixon and Austin Harrison to return for this one as well. All three designers collaborate on other projects, including Moonrakers: Titan Edition, which brought $1,876,669 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The trio have worked on other IV Games projects, including Veiled Fate and Mythic Mischief. At this time, it’s not yet clear who will illustrate the new game and do the art for it. 

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