Dynamite Entertainment's Monty Python board game.
Image: Dynamite Entertainment

The designer team behind Fire Tower, Samuel Bryant and Gwen Ruelle, and publisher Dynamite Entertainment are bringing a new game this year set in the Monty Python universe. Monty Python and the Holy Grail board game will be available to buy in retail in the coming months

We know what you are thinking, The Knights Who Say “Ni!,” murderous rabbits and humor. Well, you are correct. The upcoming board game is about the Arthurian quest to retrieve the Holy Grail while also avoiding the Black Knight. 

The game is advertised as an action/dexterity adventure set in the Middle Ages for 2-5 players. Each session plays in 40-60 minutes and the recommended age is 13+. You will get to play as King Arthur or Sir Lancelot, along with the rest of the brave knights who joined the duo on their quest for the artefact. 

Players will descend on twisty mazes and paths and visit memorable – if somewhat absurd – locations that were part of the original movie. However, brave as the knights are, they must avoid the Black Knight who keeps its gaze fixed on the party. 

To secure victory, the knights and King Arthur need to travel around the different locations and fulfil the specific conditions. Each successful location will take players a step closer to victory. However, you will also have to deal with ineptitude and betrayal in your own party as the knights may suddenly decide to sabotage your quest instead of helping you. 

The game promotes a “frenemy” type of comradery which requires you to extend one hand cordially, and use your other hand to catapult a cow towards your fellow knight – yes this actually happens in the game, or are you forgetting the movie? The game is illustrated by Chris Schweizer, who has also done the artwork for Trogdor!!: The Board Game, and its expansion – Magics and ‘Mergencies

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