El Buro, a new board game by Spielworxx.
Image credit: Spielworxx

Michael Keller and Andreas Odendahl, “ode,” are two names that stand out in the board games world, having crafted beautiful titles the likes of La Granja, Agra, Solarius Mission, and more. Now, the pair are coming together for “El Burro: A La Granja Game” that will be available as a standalone product and would not expect you to have previous copies of the series to enjoy it in its fullest.

Trade Goods and Manage Your Farm Like a Pro in El Burro

The game’s plot is set around rearing cattle and growing vegetation in Majorca, and then moving your goods to La Palma, where you can ship your good for profit. The game is proud of its main mechanics which feature a “multi-purpose cards and dice-drafting” similar to what you have seen in La Granja, and even more interesting if this is your first brush with this designing decision.

In El Burro, 1-4 players will manage their farm and become the most accomplished farmers in Majorca. They will vie over 75-150 minutes for a chance to realize the biggest gains from their land and by skillfully shifting goods. The game’s pleasant theme is no constrain to the level of depth of the actual experience you can enjoy.

A highly strategic contest of agricultural acumen and skillful bargaining, El Burro is a worthwhile continuation of the somewhat familiar but still innovative family of games crafted by the skilled designers. Once again, to win in El Burro you simply need to amass the most points by delivering goods.

The title is marked as animals, card game, economic and farming on BoardGameGeek, which will give you a rough idea of what to expect. Spielworxx, the publisher, should be providing more materials to flesh out the board and details specific to the gameplay.

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