Forbidden Jungle, a new game by Pandemic creator.
Image credit: Forbidden Jungle

Pandemic’s designer Matt Leacock adds another name to his co-op game collection, called Forbidden Jungle. The game is a part of the already-known Forbidden Series that the designer has worked on. Forbidden Jungle is joining the team of Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, and Forbidden Sky, taking players onto a mysterious jungle planet. Escaping a dangerous location isn’t the only thing that connects the four titles. They share similar mechanics of tile manipulation and searching for items. But each game has its own unique story.

A New Co-op Adventure in a Brand-new Setting

After crashlanding, the travelers find themselves on a mysterious planet. Working together as a team is very important as the players must unite, survive and look for a way out. Of course, their adventure isn’t as easy as they think, being forced to fight against venomous creatures, that will chase after them in an attempt to claim their lives.

Passing through the many collapsing building and ruins is only part of the tasks as players look for the portal that is supposed to take them back home. And that’s far from all, the portal needs to be charged and the way they can do that is by shifting around tiles. With 2 to 5 players, Forbidden Jungle will keep the players excited for its 45 minutes duration. At the time of writing, there is no set price or a release date on which people can expect the title to be available.

Leacock stands out with game names such as Pandemic and Pandemic Legacy. Daybreak is an upcoming board game also by Leacock, in which players must stand against climate change and attempt to warm up humankind to the environment and bring awareness to the risks of climate change.

Just like the rest of the games from the Forbidden series, Forbidden Jungle is published by Gamewright. They are also known for their games Sushi Go! , Sushi Go!: Party and Sleeping Queens 2: The Rescue.

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