Ludonova's Armistar.
Image credit: Ludonova

The Spanish publisher Ludonova plans to be busy this year, announcing the surprise reveal of Amritsar, The Golden Temple – a new board game set to be unveiled at this year’s SPIEL Essen festival in Germany. The game is based on the central religious place of the Sikhs in India bearing the same name. The announcement was made public recently via a twitter post.

The post also included the game’s designer – David Heras Pino – the creator of successful highly rated board games Jet Lag and Zodiac Duel. Being a Spanish designer, he seems like a perfect choice for working with Ludonova, who seems keen on making a strong Spanish presence at the biggest board game festival this year.

Ludonova also revealed the box art of Amritsar, The Golden Temple, as well as the game’s illustrator – Guillaume Berthoumieu. Judging by the amazing artwork on the game box, the meeples and game board are likely to be extremely eye-pleasing and rich in color.

More Secrets and Surprises Lie Ahead

The gameplay of Amritsar, The Golden Temple still remains a mystery. We could make an educated guess based on the box art similarities between Amritsar and another Ludonova game – Babylonia – that it could be a strategy game, but time will tell whether or not this assumption will be correct. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Ludonova also plans to unveil a second game at the festival, but so far no further details have been added at this time. Perhaps the studio is saving the second reveal for a later date.

We will definitely keep an eye out for further info on the game, so stay tuned for more news!

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