La Famiglia Great Mafia War cover art.
Image Source: Feurland Spiele

Sicily is known for its beautiful countryside, pizza, distinct Mediterranean cuisine and well, the Mafia. Now, this last notorious detail about the region becomes the plot of a new game published by Feuerland Spiele and designer Maximilian Thiel who have come together to work on “La Famiglia: The Great Mafia War,” according to a new entry on BoardGameGeek.

Fight for Supremacy in Southern Italy in “La Famiglia”

In this 4-player, 120-180-minute game for ages 16+, players join an asymmetric team experience in which they pair-off in a two-versus-two setting. Both teams try to sway the six families who are looking to violently overthrow competing families as each team seeks to establish dominance over Southern Italy.

Based on real events, this period is known as The Great Mafia War of the 1980s and will now be reimagined in “La Famiglia.” The game seeks to transform the players into the masterminds behind this game of cat-in-mouse in which orders are handed down in secret, betrayal is an ever-present danger, and the execution of those orders often comes to the surprise of all.

Each team will have to prepare for the moment when violence will erupt and spread over the board by instructing their families to act in one way or another, lean in on their strengths, and pressure the opponents’ weaknesses.

Teams will seek to cultivate and develop abilities, call upon their loyalists and prepare to execute often-violent plots. This is the first stage of the game, which is followed by confrontation, or a combat phase.

In the combat phase, all orders will be revealed and executed with mobsters blowing up vehicles and mustering as many abled-body men to hold specific regions. The combat system is innovative, and while it pulls on some familiar tangents, it will also immerse you in the psychological warfare that is an indelible part of playing chess with the fates of your family members and allies, turning the game into a psychological duel.

Pool Your Efforts to Win The Great Mafia War

The team that finds the best way to collaborate will emerge victorious. There is little other information known about the game at present time short of the BoardGameGeek entry. A cursory view through Feuerland Spiele’s website does not reveal any further details. The game will be illustrated by Weberson Santiago known for his work on “The Bloody Inn,” “Whirling Witchcraft,” “Coup” and other.

Meanwhile, Thiel is a brad new name in the designing community with no available information about him at present time. “La Famiglia: The Great Mafia War” should not be confused with the “La Famiglia” board games which released in 2017 and 2020.

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