Trampoline Park's official board game cover art.
Image Source: Soren Game Studio

Trampoline Park” is a board game centered around trampolines, brought to us by Soren Game Studio – an Iranian games studio aiming at popularizing Iranian board game designers and artists. The game’s designer, Hassan Hekmat, is also the head of Soren Games Studio.

Anyone who’s ever been to a real-life trampoline park knows how fun it is to jump around with friends. On occasion, you get to launch some of them way up in the air, should you happen to land on the same trampoline they’re standing on, accidentally or not-so-accidentally. The “Trampoline Park” board game takes this aspect to the extreme and adds a competitive level that is sure to keep players entertained, without all the hazards involved in actual trampoline jumping.

Knock Your Opponents Aside With a Powerjump

Players set up their tabletop trampoline park by setting up the game board. This is done by placing all the 19 hexagonal trampoline tiles together – 18 of them will bear a certain color, except for one white tile, which must always be placed at the center of the game board. The other colored tiles must be placed randomly around it.

Next, players need to separate and set the sportsman tokens by color and place them in six columns next to the game board. Note the tokens in the piles must not be sorted in any order, meaning they must be placed randomly.

After this step is completed, players need to sort their energy tokens by value, from 1 to 3, and set them in three separate columns next to the sportsman tokens. Next, players place a referee card randomly at a jumping point. Jumping points are represented by the middle tiles of the game boards.

Finally, all players take a random sportsman card from a special sportsman card deck, which is placed face down in front of them. Note that each player has to look it in secret and place it face down again. The color of their card will represent what team they are on. Now, we’re ready to begin.

Each “Trampoline Park” game is expected to last 20-60 minutes over several rounds. At the beginning of each round, the top token of each sportsman token pile is placed on each jumping point, starting from the position where the referee would be, and continuing in clockwise order.

Much like a real trampoline park, players jump from a jumping point to a tile. This, however, requires energy. The energy required is calculated based on jump distance – the number of tiles required for the jump, plus the number on the sportsman token. For instance, if a player has a sportsman token with the number 2 on it and wants to jump 2 tiles, he has to spend four energy. Players who have spent less than 6 energy will receive energy tokens based on the excess amount.

When a player lands on a tile, the excess force flings any tokens previously placed there on adjacent tiles – just like a real trampoline would! The player who obtains three tiles of the same color or letter flips her sportsman card and wins the game.

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