The Dare to Love board game now available on Tabletopia.
Image Source: Tabletopia

“Dare to Love,” a one-versus-many-themed game, is now available on Tabletopia, a digital arena where board games are ported and can be played remotely. The game is an important addition as it represents a powerful political statement by a Taiwanese movement which supports LGBT+ rights in the country.

Tabletop Now Lets You Play “Dare to Love”

The game itself is designed by Chih-Fan Chen, known for his work on “Harvest Island,” “Paleolithic,” and “Fortune City” among other light-themed and family-friendly games. “Dare to Love” is a distinctly darker gaming experience where 3-4 players have limited time to save their loved ones, battling against a powerful Oligarch.

The players who play against the Oligarch are referred as rebels and the evil character is embodied by one of the participants in the game. Each rebel also has a loved one that is imprisoned with the Oligarch possessing powerful abilities.

Rebels come together to topple the villain. The rebels also have to work quickly as they are racing against time in a bid to save all prisoners. While the game seeks to send a powerful political edge, it’s also a good standalone product.

While the gameplay may come in question by some, the art of “Dare to Love” is exquisite, with the cover art on the box definitely proving to be a worthwhile experience. The game is illustrated by Chen Qinglin and Apu Jan and is one of the best works of board game art you will see.

You may now try “Dare to Love” on Tabletopia. As to what criticism there is about the gameplay, the designers may have overlooked some balancing issuing, focusing on sending a message more so than polishing the rough edges of the game. You will be the judge of that, but “Dare to Love” still feels like a great combat game with art and components.

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