Ravensburger's Greek Mythology Horrified
Image: Ravensburger

Horrified, the horror miniatures game by Prospero Hall, and now published by Ravensburger, is launching a new game in the series with Horrified: Greek Monsters confirmed by the company.

The upcoming title is set for 2023 and it will see 1-5 players work together to capture monsters from Greek Mythology – you know, your run-of-the-mill Hydras, Chimeras, Gorgons, and Minotaur, that kind of thing.

Greek Monsters is set to play in 60 minutes and has a recommended age of 10+ bringing you a riveting setting unfolding on vivid and thematic board. The premise is actually very simple – Pandora’s Box has been pried open and Greece is in hot trouble with all sorts of monsters now wandering the realm of man.

The new title is a standalone continuation of the franchise and it allows players to play cooperatively as they become the avatars of Greek gods and roll their sleeves for some good old-fashioned monster trashing. The ultimate goal is to stick the flesh-eating buggers back into the Box.

So, what of it, then? Well, players set out to first track the monsters as they are not too keen on meeting their own executioner. These lairs are all over the place with players visiting thematic locations, such as the Chimera’s Cave, Underworld Door (yes, that’s Cerberus for you), the Labyrinth and Statue Garden for Medusa’s stupefying gaze.

Horrified: Greek Monsters will come with six monsters, each of which will feature their own abilities and the monsters themselves will offer a varying degree of difficulty to make your quest to recapture them even more fun. Players need to work together to figure out how to defeat each monster, and what their weakness is, and yes – some familiarity with Greek Mythology may just help you in this exciting new horror board game for young and old!

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