The Homeworld original PC game.
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“Homeworld”, the classic real-time strategy franchise, will be getting its own tabletop adaptation. Modiphius Entertainment promises a new board game with more than 100 miniatures. The company has worked on major adaptations from PC-to-board game titles, like “Fallout: Wasteland Warfare”, “The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms” among many other beloved and successful titles. Modiphius has also worked for the “Homeworld” franchise previously, creating the “Homeworld: Revelations” tabletop RPG.

Giving You the Full Homeworld Experience

“Homeworld Fleet Command” will receive a crowdfunding campaign, which is scheduled for launch sometime during the second half of the year. It will also include an expansion that will double the number of ships available to future captains.

The game will give the fans of the original “Homeworld” game a chance to take the role of a crew of one of the Kushan fleet’s ships. Players can either choose to operate the Mothership or re-establish the Hiigaran colony. Whatever you choose Modiphius Entertainment promises “endless adventures”.

Fleet Command is being developed in partnership with Gearbox Entertainment. Their studio – Blackbird Interactive, will release “Homeworld 3” later this year. The final game will feature a massive campaign in ten stages, which will all include themed battles, modeled after “Return to Harak”, “Supernova Station” and “Tenhouser Gate” – all classic RTS levels.

Modiphius has secured the services of Martin Cirulis, one of the original writers of “Homeworld,” as a consultant on the matters of game setting and lore, thus ensuring the new game’s consistency with the original, and in addition – keeping the lore fanatics pleased to the fullest.

The cover art was created by none other than Aaron Kambeitz – one of the original artists for the Homeworld video game.

What Will the Base Copy Include?

A base copy will get you 101 plastic ship miniatures. Those will range from any individual fighters to the iconic mothership, with the expansions adding 100 additional ships, which you can then combine with multiple copies of the game for even larger battles on the tabletop. The more – the merrier.

“Modiphius’s initial pitch was simple and compelling — massive fleet battles that can be played in an hour, all themed around Homeworld,” Gearbox’s chief business officer Sean Haran shares. “The entire team’s love and enthusiasm for the franchise and this game was contagious so the decision was easy to work with Modiphius on it.”

Every pre-order that includes the core book will receive a 69 page Quickstart PDF with the purchase. It will feature all the rules needed to play, 5 Pre-Generated Characters and a free game scenario. Once the full core book is fully developed, backers will also receive the full PDF. The rest of the product line is readily available for pre-order on the developer’s website.

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