Hello Kitty: Day at the Park first art.
Image credit: Maestro Media

Hello Kitty is coming back as a board game, again, after a previous tabletop version was published all the way back in 2013. Now, Hello Kitty: Day at the Park, is promising to reimagine the experience once again, and probably a bit better, too!

Hello Kitty Comes to Kickstarter in September

The popular Japanese character created by Yuko Shimizu will appear in the board game created by Roberta Taylor who has worked on quite a few games, including Octopus’ Garden, Sherwood Showdown, The Red Burnoose: Algeria 1857, and others.

Right now, the game is shrouded in relative mystery, as there is not much that is known about this upcoming title. Some details though have been shared. The game will be a family-friendly title that will play in quick 30 minutes and feature 2-4 players. The teaser concept art of the game is already what fans hearing Hello Kitty would expect – the lovable mascot sitting on a bench with a muffin cake in front and the character starting back at you.

The game will be published by Maestro Media which has been working and supporting a number of prominent games with a wider appeal. On the list of popular titles are releases such as Sugar Heist, The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, and the rather icky Tapeworm – the board game, thank god!

Hello Kitty: Day at the Park will be coming to Kickstarter this September, it seems, with the crowdfunding campaign seeking to get more fans involved into the game and streamline the final rough edges to make the game more entertaining and something that would strike home with the millions of loyal fans who love Hello Kitty. The game itself is due to release in 2024.

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