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The critically and community acclaimed “Spirit Island” designed by R. Eric Reuss will spin off with the help of US publisher Greater Than Games. “Horizons of Spirit Island” is set to release in October 2022. The game will be exclusively sold through Target, a US retail department store, for a period of two years, as the new game is being released with the strong backup of the chain. A statement by the company elaborates on this:

The new Spirits, alternate components, and new player onboarding experience in this game are quality-of-life options that wouldn’t be possible without Target’s interest in adding a new title to the Spirit Island catalog of games.

Greater Than Games

Horizons of Spirit Island Board Game Targets Wider Audience

The new game is co-developed by Reuss and Christopher Badell, a Greater Than Games in-house talent, known for his “Sentinels” series and “Galactic Strike Force.” This new version of the original will be a lighter “standalone” edition which will streamline the gameplay and make it more acceptable to less competitive or more casual audiences. The price of the box is also cheaper and is expected to cost $30, a very affordable range for a very good quality game.

In the new box, Greater Than Games plans to feature many of the familiar “Spirit Island” mechanics while optimizing the gameplay through a double-sided game board for easier setup. The company is also designing five new spirits for the new edition. Several of the spirits were already teased in the official Greater Than Games announcement:

Sun-Bright Whirlwind is all about control and thrives with utility Powers, enabling fellow Spirits to reach new heights, while Fathomless Mud of the Swamp piles up sacred sites, delaying the Invaders’ Build actions and oozing across the island to make construction miserable for the Invaders.

Greater Than Games

Great Game Value and Some Cross-Compatibility

The new game will be cross-compatible with expansions already available in the original game. This means that you can take the “Jagged Earth” expansion and combine it with “Horizons of Spirit Island.” However, you still need the base game, as it comes with components not featured in the new game, and that are still needed to make the expansion work with “Horizons.”

The arrival of another chapter in the “Spirit Island” is a fantastic opportunity for people around the world to get to know the title. Thanks to Target’s network of shops now more people may seek out this board game and perhaps transition to the fully-fledged version of the game.

In the meantime, you should not worry about more content from “Spirit Island” being on its way as Greater Than Games said that “Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate,” a new expansion to the original game, is scheduled for October. The new campaign will run on BackerKit and it’s the latest divergence from Kickstarter as a preferred form of crowdfunding projects.

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