Cephalofair Games' Gloomhaven.
Image Source: Cephalofair Games

Cephalofair Games is bringing another worthwhile chapter to the Gloomhaven saga, with the world’s most popular board game getting a roleplaying edition and a ton of new miniatures. Players who are keen to get in early on the action can do so, as an official BackerKit campaign is planned for June 20, 2023

Creating More Evocative Experiences in the World of Gloomhaven

As RPG games have soared in popularity, Gloomhaven is the latest franchise to dip a toe in the unfathomable waters this market holds. Cephalofair Games have confirmed that they are looking to significantly expand the tabletop game and launch it into two new directions, Miniatures of Gloomhaven and Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game which will continue to build upon and enrich the original franchise.

Both verticals hold a tremendous opportunity for the franchise, but the RPG angle is truly fitting when it comes to Gloomhaven. The rich somewhat modular world of Gloomhaven will get a new lease of life with the addition of a role-playing element that will allow players to truly probe the immenseness of the game.

The RPG game already includes 8 Ancestries, 16 Mercenary classes, backgrounds, skills, attributes, and a lot more. Gloom Masters will have the opportunity to use a number of tools to craft custom campaigns, combat & narrative encounters, NPCs, and so much more. There will be a lot of cross-compatible components to realize the RPG vision for the game. 

Behold, Gloomhaven Miniatures Are Coming!

This is not all, however. Gloomhaven’s family is getting even bigger with the help of more miniatures. Yes, miniatures. The publisher and developers are confident that there is enough demand for this, and fans have been asking to have preassembled miniature sets to complement the tabletop experience, and this is finally helping. Therefore, Cephalofair Games is bringing no fewer than 600 miniatures, a brand-new line of delights to complement your experience. 

The core Gloomhaven set will also expand with more than 250 miniatures, additional title/setting addon sets, characters, monsters, allies and so much more. The team has already been busy for the past two years in delivering all sorts of fresh goodies for players to enjoy – with a big focus put on the quality of the end product. 

While this already seems enough, Cephalofair Games has more big announcements forthcoming, which will have fans excited. More on this, though, in the coming weeks. 

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