Goodman Games at GAMA Expo 2023.
Image: Goodman Games

GAMA Expo, one of the most looked-forward professional trade shows reuniting tabletop studios, designers, and players, has marked a rebound, setting a new record in attendance. The 2023 edition of the show brought together 2,041 attendees compared to the 1,680 who showed up in 2019.

This year’s numbers outline a significant gain on the 2021 numbers when GAMA brought together only 1,360 people, and marked one of the lowest on record, owing to a gradual reopening after the pandemic that has not quite caught up with expo-goers. Although more people have decided to turn up during this year’s edition, GAMA Expo has some way to go when it comes to bringing back retailers, for example.

ICv2, the media that did the original reporting, noted that GAMA saw 365 retailers attend the industry gathering, which was more than the 271 who did in 2021. However, these levels are still under the 480 retailers who turned up in 2019 before the pandemic struck.

GAMA Is Building Up and Confident in the Future 

GAMA is already making plans for next year’s edition which has been slated for Louisville, Kentucky, and will be an important part of the industry’s calendar. GAMA Expo is continuing to attract new audiences as the gathering appeals to players who are keen to try game prototypes and developers and studios who are similarly interested in raising awareness for upcoming projects.

The pow-wow saw a number of interesting games presented, including Sagrada Artisans, a standalone legacy expansion set in the original franchise. Stonemaier Games was also presenting, their new Scythe spin-off, Expeditions duly available during the event. 

Adam’s Apples Games also let attendees get a snoop of Planet Unknown: Supermoon, an expansion for the namesake game. The latest edition was held in April, a slight change from the traditional March schedule, but hopefully a good one.

In the meantime, GAMA Expo should be returning through at least 2026, as the organization behind it, The Game Manufacturers Association have booked venues for the next several years. 

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