Funko Games' upcoming Big Boss
Image credit: Funko Games

Funko Games has confirmed the upcoming release of a brand new edition of Big Boss, a game by Wolfgang Kramer. Set to hit retail in June, the game will repackage and polish the original 1994 classic and have you build and merge your auto companies once again in a bid to become the richest entrepreneur of them all.

The Classic Is Back in Its Latest Edition 

The game focuses heavily on the economy with 2-6 players undertaking the development of their own empires in 90 minutes of playtime. Big Boss teaches core economic concepts – in a somewhat watered-down fashion – such as takeovers, share buyouts, and more.

If you think this game reminds you of another classic, it means you have been around the hobby to remember Acquire – or even play it to this day. Big Boss makes a clean breast of it and openly admits that the game is based on Sid Sackson’s get-rich-or-fail-trying boardgame title. 

The game though still manages to pull away in its own unique direction, focusing on other angles of the experience instead of honing too heavily on the title that inspired it. The game gives players very strong incentives to pursue growth and build their companies.

While this may sound a little harsh to the more casual players amongst you, the game is perfectly suitable for casual to moderate gamers. 

Great Game Suited for All Investment Styles 

A good aspect of Big Boss is that it’s visually appealing and easy to explain, and it’s very possible that the revamped edition will continue to focus on polishing the graphics.

There is a level of randomness that you cannot account for in the game, which means that some players may not be too happy when their plans come a cropper in the midst of an economic downturn, although this is not a major aspect of the game.

In terms of scalability, the game does well with a bigger player count, including a sixth player, although that may draw out a bit for some players. All in all, Big Boss is a fantastic part of the tabletop hobby by a designer who deserves respect for his contributions to the hobby. The fact Funko Games is bringing back the game is a reason to celebrate. 

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