Funforge designers playing Monumental.
Image: Funforge

Funforge, a French game boards studio and publisher, has partnered with Flat River Group for the exclusive distribution of its English-language games in the United States and Canada. This will significantly expand Funforge’s reach in the markets and help cover the studio’s commercial needs from end-to-end, as reported by ICv2.

Determined to Strengthen North American Presence

Funforge is a publisher with a number of excellent games under its publishing umbrella, including some all-time bests such as Nemesis, Brass, Agricola, and Caverna, and the company’s own catalogue of games include Tokaido, Monumental, and Namiji, among others.

Flat River Group will provide a range of services as part of the partnership, including marketing, events, and sales management in both markets. Funforge CEO Philippe Noura has welcomed the opportunity to team up with Flat River Group and embark on a new era for the company in the market in the United States. Commenting on this opportunity, Funforge said:

I strongly believe Flat River Group to be the best partner to achieve these new expansion goals.  The FRG team dynamics and market penetration, combined with their distribution ambitions certainly make them the best player in the North American market for us today.  

Funforge CEO Philippe Noura

Funforge is taking a step away from a previous distribution deal it had with Asmodee USA and is refocusing its efforts with Flat River Group. However, the company confirmed in April that Asmodee France had become the distributor for Funforge’s games in France.

Commenting on this, Funforge said that the partnership would allow it to focus on designing new games while leaving distribution with one of the market’s biggest names, that is Asmodee. Not least, Funforge confirmed that it was happy to work with Asmodee France and entrust it with the distribution of games across big chains and hobby stores.

Stoyan Todorov

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