Celphalofair Games' original artwork for Frosthaven.
Image: Cephalofair Games

Frosthaven the successor of the world’s most acclaimed board game of all time, Gloomhaven, could get its very own Jaws of the Lion. Jaws of the Lion is a streamlined and shorter version of the original Gloomhaven, which featured several interesting decisions, allowing players to use a book to explore new terrains, and plenty of explanation tips inspired as if by the digital adaptation of the original Gloomhaven to make the overall onboarding experience much easier.

Frosthaven Is Big, But It Could Get a Streamlined Edition – Like Jaws of the Lion

Gloomhaven is still a hench to play, of course, with its fiddly setup and rewarding gameplay – and perhaps so is Frosthaven. Now, though Gloomhaven: Second Edition designers, to wit Isaac Childres, Drew Penn, and Dennis Vögele, responded to a Reddit AMA forum thread in which the designers answered that the possibility existed to have a “mini version” for Frosthaven as well.

Just to clarify, Jaws of the Lion is still some 40-odd encounters long and it is probably worth anything between 40 and 80 gameplay hours, depending on how hard you want the game to be. So, a mini Frosthaven in theory would be still fantastic value.

Meanwhile, Gloomhaven: Second Edition is a brand new announcement as well and it is part of the company’s latest Backerkit campaign which launched on June 20, featuring Frosthaven, the second edition of Gloomhaven, and hundreds of miniatures to bring that deluxe feeling to your tabletop. Gameplay of the game can be seen below:

Now, a mini-version of Frosthaven may be a good idea sa well. After all, the designers have themselves admitted that the new version has indeed increased the complexity of the game. This won’t apply to the Second Edition of Gloomhaven itself, however, as the designers wanted to make sure that Gloomhaven is a streamlined version as well, but not necessarily a more complex one in the sense it won’t be actually matching Frosthaven in that regard.

The Backerkit campaign for Gloomhaven: Second Edition, Gloomhaven RPG, the miniatures, and Frosthaven, collectively referred to as Gloomhaven Grand Festival, is still ongoing and has raised $2,435,021 as of the time of writing.

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