Judge Dredd's board game cover for 2022.
Image Source: Rebellion Unplugged

Forty years after its original release, game studio Rebellion Unplugged has announced a new release of Sir Ian Livingstone’s classic “Judge Dredd” board game. Another bit of exciting news is that the new edition will hit the markets this November.

The game will further be updated with the inclusion of new rules, updated graphic design to keep up with the times, and the inclusion of playable Specialist Judges in a brand new expansion.

The new rules will aim to provide a faster game experience, making the game more fast-paced and exciting for new and returning players (nostalgia doesn’t have an age restriction). Some cards are also expected to receive an update, but details are still kept under wraps as to what the exact changes will be.

The updated graphic design will include a recolor of all the original game pieces – cards, player boards, game box, and illustrations. All artistic changes will be made by the original “Judge Dredd” board game artists Brian Bolland and Ian Gibson. Essentially, the new game will keep the old-school art style of the original game, but with a slight touch of the modern – like vibrant, more expressive colors, which will make the cards and other game details pop out more.

Destroy Crime With New Playable Specialist Judges

Perhaps the most exciting change will be the introduction of the “Specialist Judges” expansion, which will allow players to play as one of six iconic judges from the Judge Dredd universe – the Mechanismo droid, the Psi Judge, Chief Judge, the Cadet, the Special Judicial Squad and the undercover Wally Squad. Each of the new playable characters will have a unique skill, which will change how players approach the game based on their choice of Judge. So far, the exact details of what those skills will be is kept under wraps, so we will have to wait and see.

The new “Judge Dredd” will be set in the familiar grounds of Mega-City One – the iconic post-nuclear megalopolis. It is riddled with all kinds of criminal filth, which the players will have to exterminate, as Judges. And while the extermination of criminals seems like a common goal, players will not be playing together. Instead, they will be competing against each other in order to increase their crime-fighting record. Players can slow their opponents down by sabotaging their crime-fighting operations. Whoever obtains the highest-scoring perp and crime cards at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Unfortunately, as of now, there are no details on the price of the new “Judge Dredd” game, but new details are sure to surface in the near future – November isn’t far away, so we probably won’t have to wait too long to find out more for this exciting edition of the Judge Dredd franchise.

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