Fort Circle Games Halls of Montenzuma
Image: Fort Circle Games

Fort Circle Games, a company that designs historically accurate and playable games, has been able to reach the funding goal for its latest board game, The Halls of Montezuma, following the success of its first Kickstarter campaign, Votes for Women.  

This is the latest game by the designers and the fast up-and-coming studio that now focuses on a 1-2-player experience that plays over 60-75 minutes and is suitable for ages 12+. Halls of Montezuma follows one of the shortest and bloodiest wars fought on the territory of the United States, after the annexation of Texas and the 1846-1848 war. 

The war ended with Mexico surrendering vast swathes of territory to its belligerent Northern neighbor. Each of the players will get on separate roles, with the United States leading deadly attacks in California and on Mexico’s territories. Mexico on the other hand will have to fight a defensive war in which its troops have to withstand the better-led and trained opponents. 

Fort Circle Games on Track to Fund Halls of Montezuma

The core gameplay boils down to cards which activate actions and execute orders. At the time of writing Halls of Montezuma has reached $18,733 of its $15,000 funding goal from 294 backers and with 21 more days to go. The game is being designed by Kevin Bertram and Gilberto Lopez. 

Bertram is also the founder of the studio and designer of many of its ten-plus games. Votes for Women, the studio’s previous Kickstarter campaign raised a fairly small amount of money, with $29,792 pledged by 510 backers, with a single copy of the game going for $50. Meanwhile, Fort Circle already has a very busy roadmap ahead, with a range of excellent games planned in the pipeline.

Those include Great Cities: WashingtonDC for 2025 and First Monday in October slated for later this year. Night Witches is due to release in 2024, and it’s designed by Undaunted co-creator David Thompson, along with Liz Davidson whose BoardGameGeek profile suggests that she is a new entry into the game development industry.

Night Witches focuses on women Soviet pilots and seeks to further entertain players by offering engaging gameplay of high educational value. Votes for Women ended up as the runner-up in the Wargame category at the 17th Annual Golden Geek Awards

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