Pendragon Game Studio's Escape from New York board game.
Image credit: Pendragon Game Studio

Flat River Group has officially become the new distributor for Pendragon Game Studio’s games. This includes already released classic titles as well as any upcoming projects, the companies have confirmed.

Pendragon Game Studio Finds New Distributor in the US

Pendragon Game Studio previously distributed its products in the United States through Ares Games, but a new alliance has now been forged, owing to the companies’ strong ties with Flat River Group, as confirmed by company VP of business development and hobby distribution Jules Vautour.

Vautour acknowledged that he had had a long experience working with Pendragon Game Studio’s chief executive, Silvio Negri-Clementi, which is what has partially motivated the move. Vautour similarly hailed the company’s excellence in game development which aligned with his own company’s core values. 

“We look forward to introducing their products to retailers and gamers in North America,” he concluded. Pendragon Game Studio is the publisher of many excellent games, including The Thing: The Board Game and Escape From New York. The Thing enjoyed a strong reception with fans, and so have many of the games published by the company.

Other noteworthy picks in the Pendragon Game Studio’s portfolio include This War of Mine, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, Kemet: Blood and Sands, Imperial Settlers, and others. Both companies have hailed the opportunity as Flat River Group is happy to get access to Pendragon’s portfolio of games whereas Pendragon will benefit from the former’s reach and robust distribution network. 

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