In-Flight Reports from Gen Con by Fantasy Flight Games.
Image Source: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has revealed its schedule for the upcoming Gen Con 2022 event held on August 4-7, 2022, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company will run a number of events you can attend to experience some of your favorite games, make new acquaintances, and see a preview of some exciting upcoming products. Most of these events will be with slots only, mixing a range of paid and mostly free opportunities.

Twilight Imperium Tournaments and Multiple Scenarios to See

FFG is promising to make your visit worthwhile, particularly with the announcement of a “Twilight Imperium” Tournament. The game relies on diplomatic acumen and warfare and you will give you the opportunity to join three 10-hour tournaments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The two tournaments on the weekend will be free. Only the one on Thursday will have a $30 entry fee. FFG will also feature the upcoming roll-and-write iteration of the game, “Twilight Inscription.” Gen Con will provide fans with an opportunity to peek into deep space and get a taste of the full product ahead of its official release date.

Game designer James Kniffen will be there to help attendees learn the game and answer their questions.  FFG will once again ask anyone who wishes to play to register first. More games are coming to the event, though as you will also have an opportunity to participate in the traditional standalone scenario for “The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.”

The one available for you this time will be “The Hunt for the Dreadnaught” scenario that will be played in the company of designer Jeremy Zwirn. If the Lord of the Rings franchise is not to your taste, you may try the new “Arkham Horror: The Card Game” scenario instead.

More Beloved Franchises and New Releases to Try

The new release is called “Machinations Through Time” and will be available in the company of designer MJ Newman. The scenario will be played multiple times throughout the four days of the event, so there is always an opportunity to try the game.

Marvel fans amongst you may be interested in “Marvel Champions: The Card Game” and the “Mutant Genesis” campaign expansion. Once again, the game will be previewed multiple times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Game designer Caleb Grace will be in attendance and happy to schmooze with fans eager to find out more.

FFG will also offer a number of free demos and game expansion available for play. The available titles were all released last year and they include “Star Wars: Outer Rim-Unfinished Business,” ”Cosmic Encounter: Comic Odyssey,” “Descent: Legends of the Dark,” and more.

FFG will also run several In-Flight Shorts for its YouTube channels you can tune in to watch and get a small sneak peek from the event and products. As a kind reminder, FFG has listed the events you need to register for beforehand in the official update.

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