Fantasy Flight Games' Descent - Betrayer's War
Image credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has expanded the Descent franchise with another addition to the never-ending story of demon-slaying. Descent: Legends of the Dark is getting the Betrayer’s War expansion pack which will task players with saving Terrinoth, which is once again faced with an existential threat that is bent on wiping out the entire continent and subjugating it to the evil forces that may be. 

Dragonlord Levirax Threatens Terrinoth Once Again 

That is unless the heroes of Descent: Legends of the Dark step in and plunge into the deeply cooperative dungeon crawler once again to defeat the evil opponents. The expansion will not require a Dungeon Master to play but it feels as if every choice you make will still be evaluated by a higher power. Don’t worry though, as even if Fate plays a role in the game, success or defeat will come down to your own decision-making and ability to work together with your fellow players.

The expansion is bringing along with it the six heroes, including Kehli, Syrus, Vaerix, Brynn, Chance, and Galaden, which have had their abilities and overall character profiles re-worked. Each will also get a new hero card that comes with fresh art and abilities, reflecting the franchise’s continuous commitment to self-improvement. The hero cards are double-sided, so you have even more choice when you pick your basic setting and play style. 

This way, players can include even more strategic decisions when they approach new missions and quests. The Betrayer’s War will also feature a new type of card, Legends. The Legends are too double-sided and they are a permanent buff to your party and characters, as they will not cost you any fatigue or actions to use, but will ensure that the party has another trick up their sleeve to move forward with steely determination. 

An Unlikely Ally in Waiqar the Betrayer

But even these upgrades would not do too much to help you with victory. No, the heroes would need to team up with Waiqar the Betrayer, a former enemy who merits none of your trust, but who will nevertheless be your only shot at fighting off Uthuk Y’llan who has nothing but ill will towards Terrinoth. 

The alliance you forge with The Betrayer is fraught and riveted with suspicion and mistrust. The Uthuk Y’llan horde is guided by your nemesis, Dragonlord Levirax who is determined to lay waste to Terrinoth and transform it into his personal fiefdom. But perhaps he will fail with the heroes stepping in to prevent him.

Descent: Legends of the Dark – The Betrayer’s War is set for 1-4 players and plays in 120-180 minutes, fit for players aged 14+. Fantasy Flight Games will be bringing out the title to retail in August. 

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