Enola Holmes' movie and board game poster.
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The upcoming board game “Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls” is set for release in November! The game is developed by major board game publisher Gale Force Nine. The studio is behind many board games based on successful movies, TV titles and books – “Dungeons and Dragons”, “Dune”, “Star Trek”, “Doctor Who” and “Aliens” just to name a few. It’s safe to say that Gale Force Nine definitely know how to turn a major title into a fully fleshed out board game. They certainly have the titles to prove it, having created over 180 board games.

As the title suggests, the game will be based on the hit film from Legendary Pictures and Netflix, “Enola Holmes”. Bibliophiles will recognize the name as well, as the film is an adaptation of a series of your adult novels by author Nancy Springer. It sees the younger sister of the legendary Sherlock Holmes solving mysteries of her own, including having to find her lost mother.

Fans of the movie will be pleased to find out that the cover of the board game will feature all the actors of the movie, including Millie Bobby Brown who played Enola Holmes, Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes and Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes.

Gameplay, Setting and Themes

In “Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls” players will be taking the roles of many of the iconic characters in an investigative all-against-one title co-op endeavor, in order to catch the criminal.

Co-op board games are some of the most popular games on the tabletop. On a general note, players can work together to achieve victory as a team, either by doing shared objectives or goals, or beating the game with a more straightforward approach.

“Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls” has one of the players taking the role of the criminal, while having the other players trying to stop him by chasing him all across 19-th century London. The criminal player must leave clues for his opponents and must make them as difficult to decipher as possible. The detectives, in turn, must decipher them as quickly as possible, while exploring the iconic locations from the Enola Holmes film.

Each detective will have a unique set of skills, based on the characters they will play, so co-op play is highly encouraged. That aside, however, the detective skills will depend entirely on each player’s individual wits.

The game also brings a nice historically accurate niche into it – all the clues and ciphers are in the language flowers. This was a code used in Victorian times for communicating secrets.

“Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls” is set to be released in November. Its retail price has been set at 35 USD per copy.

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