A screenshot from the video game Elden Ring.
Image Source: FromSoftware

FromSoftware’s award-winning fantasy game Elden Ring will be reimagined as a tabletop RPG experience in 2023 in a new dedicated fantasy book and game box. The game has been in development for some time now, Japanese publisher Kadokawa has confirmed.

Elden Ring Reimagine as Tabletop RPG Experience

The company helped publish the Dark Souls RPG tabletop game in 2017.Both video games were developed by FromSoftware. “Dark Souls: The Board Game” enjoyed a fairly tepid reception from the board gaming community, rated 6.5 with 3,800 votes in, but the game definitely struck home with the franchise’s fans.

The new release is intent on bringing the Elden Ring world in the flesh giving players the satisfaction to steer their heroes in The Lands Between. With Dark Souls already releasing as a successful RPG archetype, Kadokawa may consider doing a whole new set. The adaptation will be handled by designer Hironori Katou and production studio Group SNE who worked on the Dark Souls recreation as a tabletop RPG.

So, the question remains how the new release will be handled? For the Dark Souls release, the Japanese version of the game used a single player and Game Master setup, but then, Steamforged Games did an English version with a Dungeons & Dragons 5E system. Mind, though, that Steamforged did a TTRPG and card game version of the Dark Souls dungeon crawler, too. Presently, only the Japanese game has a release date set for early spring release. An English version of the game is yet to be announced just yet.

Elden Ring remains one of the best selling video games with more than 13 million copies shipped internationally and through digital shops. The MMORPG feeling of the interactive world and its brooding charm has turned the game into an absolute hit, bringing more players to it over the years.

While the board gaming community is a little fussier about RPG experiences, there is a good chance that Elden Ring will continue to innovate on the experience. We have not featured an original name for the game, as our sources have not been able to confirm one at press time.

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