dV Giochi's Bonsai board game cover art.
Image Source: dV Giochi

Dv Giochi has teased a new entry in the BoardGameGeek database, outlining the design of an upcoming game by the name of “Bonsai,” which focuses on Japanese horticulture. The game is designed by Rosaria Battiato, Massimo Borzì, and Martino Chiacchiera, who have previously worked on “Atelier daVinci” a game released in 2020.

Cultivate the Most Beautiful Bonsai

The upcoming title will focus on the art of bonsai, which has turned gardening into a masterful craft perfected over the centuries. In the namesake game, 1-4 players will have the opportunity to try and master the art of bonsai for a chance to achieve a prominent status in society and display their work at the Imperial Gardens.

Dv Giochi has teased some of the available actions in the game, including “meditate” and “cultivate.” These two actions allow you to secure new cards which you can use in cultivating your plant and becoming the envy of fellow master gardeners.

Managing your tiles and securing opportunities to grow your plants comes naturally in “Bonsai” which relies on a fairly straightforward design and rules, but makes sure that they provide plenty of room for strategic and insightful plays. Mastering the art of the Japanese gardening art is not therefore a luck of the draw, but smart strategizing and understanding the flow of the game and what goals are worth pursuing.

The game is revealed when the last card from a common deck runs out. For each tile in your bonsai, you will score a number of points that will depend on the tile itself. The solo experience is also interesting by the looks of it as it provides you with a slightly altered gameplay experience where you focus on defeating the Emperor’s Challenge.

More Details and Official Confirmation Hopefully Forthcoming

Not many details are yet available about the game. While the publisher has fleshed out some of the finer points of the game in a quick overview, the true depth of the game needs to be studied up close. There is no official release date but the database entry suggests that the game should be on track to release at some point in 2022. The illustrations for the game will be done by Davood Moghaddami who is only listed as the artist for “Bonsai” on BGG.

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